Federal Signal Vision SLR Lightbar Flash Patterns07:14

Federal Signal Vision SLR Lightbar Flash Patterns

Vision SLR Flash Patterns and Vision SLR in use.


NYPD styled Vision SLR (on)

The Federal Signal Vision SLR was introduced as a replacement of the Federal Signal Vision. The main difference (and likely most notable) is the SLR in the name which translates to "Solaris LED Rotator" (Not the Mercedes SLR). The Solaris LED Rotator was a notable upgrade from the classic halogen rotator of the earlier 2000s and 90s. This allowed for a brighter light output as instead of focusing the beam of a halogen bulb, which doesn't produce the daytime light often needed at the routine traffic stop, focuses the beam of multiple LEDs. This was an upgrade the was appreciated by multiple agencies including the NYPD which is known for their use of Vision and Vision SLR lightbars. It is available in the standard 7 rotator configuration, a 3 rotator triangle, or split 6 or 8 configurations. These have sticks with 3 or 4 on them. Intended for firetrucks I assume. When buying it you have the option to order a Federal Signal Signalmaster which is essentially a traffic advisor for the back of the Vision SLR.
Federal Signal Signalmaster

Federal Signal Signalmaster on Vision SLR

It is also available with alley caps which are normal alley lights, as it does not come standard with them built in.

Agencies using this lightbar:

NYPD (Add others)

Colors available:

Red, Blue, White, Amber, or a mixture of the four if you want (It does tack on a bit extra though). The colors of the LEDs differ from the color of the actual dome. Unfortunately no green for those of you who use green (or purple), however I wouldn't be surprised if you could get a custom ordered one for a few hundred extra (Never tried so I don't know for certain).


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